Monday, January 30, 2012

media monday - the awesomeness that is josh sundquist

Confession: Josh Sundquist has so many great videos that I had a really hard time picking just one. I mean, they're all so different! He has videos on everything from his motivational speeches to the animated version of his bestselling book Just Don't Fall (which is an awesome read, if you'd like to look it up in the Amazon search box to the right of this page) to funny song parodies to cool vlogs. So once you're done viewing this video, I suggest you go to his YouTube page  and watch some more.

Oh, and have I told you about the time I met him on a random street in New York? Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Though I've met my fair share of celebrities, I have to say that I was most starstruck when I met Josh. I was just leaving work for my lunch hour when I ran into him crossing the street. He was super nice and let me take a picture with him (I'll spare you the sight of that, since I looked horrendous that day.) Anyway, I was so stunned and out of it that when I reached the front of the line at Starbucks and the barista asked me what I wanted, I just blurted out "nothing" and then awkwardly walked out when he asked me why I'd been on line in the first place. Said barista spent that whole summer thinking I was a crazy person (I know this because he told me.) In the end, of course, that horribly embarrassing moment was totally worth it.

Why are you still reading this? Go watch his videos!!!

Caitlin :) 

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