books i recommend

  Here's a list of books written by and about people with limb differences who have accomplished incredible things. They are awesome reads, so I highly recommend them.



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  2. Hello, my name is also Caitlin and I am an 17year old from Philadelphia. I was on Google images looking for more info on "The Fault in Our Stars" and you blog came up. I have never read a blog before but I saw that you have obvious great taste in books and that we have the same name (spelled the same way), so I decided to check it out, and a few things: 1. You're inspirational. Seriously, you take one aspect of your life and write about it online to help others, you are a warrior of Christ! 2. I also think your faith is remarkable 3. It is interesting reading about "The Fault in Our Stars" from your perspective, I'm glad you think its awesome cause its also my favorite book. But I now feel guilty loving it because I have no room to relate like you do. 4. I'm very happy that I came upon your blog, next year I'm going to college to study Occupational Therapy in hope to help people, like you are currently doing. Sincerely, A fellow Caitlin and John Green lover